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Safe Haven Pet Hotel provides a safe, fun, loving, off-leash and well-supervised environment where friendly dogs get

to enjoy the company of one another.

Your dog is a part of your family and deserves a caring facility with experience and a fundamental understanding of

what dogs need and want.

Dogs must be compliant with these vaccinations:  Distemper (DHPP/DHLPP), Rabies and Bordetella.

 ***2-week buffer period is required after Bordetella vaccination.

(Canine Influenza is not required but strongly recommended)

Drop off / Pick up Time: Mon - Fri, 6 am - 6 pm

*** Dogs picked up after 6:15 will be charged a late fee $10.00.

       after 6:30 will be charged a late fee $10.00 and additional $1.00/minute.

***We will be open on weekends depending on the needs and demands.

Daycare Pricing

  • Half-Day Pass: $21/day (up to  5 hours)

  • ​Full Day Pass: $35/day(up to 10 hours)

Package - Half Day

  •  5 Half-Days: $ 94

  • 10 Half-Days: $ 184

  • 20 Half-Days: $ 357

Package - Full Day

  •  5 Full-Days: $ 157

  • 10 Full-Days: $ 308

  • 20 Full-Days: $ 595

***  Packages are non-refundable, but they do not expire!!!

  • Daycare Program allows your pet to play in indoor and outdoor play areas.

  • Play times in groups according to a regular rotation. For full daycare, dogs have at least 5 playtimes(indoor or outdoor), one on one playtime with staff as needed.

  • K9Grass is antimicrobial and non-toxic and  safe artificial grass designed specifically for dogs for our outdoor play ground.

  • Groups are partitioned by dog size and temperament


Activities for dogs provide exercise, socialization, one-on-one time with the staff;

  • Playtime – ball throwing, rope tugging, Frisbee chasing, and other fun activities in our daycare program, a supervised small group setting(max 9 dogs at a time), or one-on-one

  • Dogs are housed in individual kennels for eating and resting

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